To make your cupcake Gift Card Holder you will need to cut a 6" circle from stiff card. Mark a 2" circle in the centre and make 16 evenly spaced cuts from the outside edge to the 2" circle like this:


Take a 3" Styrofoam ball and carefully cut in half. Add a circle of matching DP to the cut edge of each and position your gift card on one cut edge to get the correct position for your mounting tape. Add tape as seen in the following photo:


Stick both halves of the ball together making sure that your gift card moves freely. Mark the centre top with an arrow.

cupcake 1

Fold at the 2" circle to form a cupcake shape. Using a 3" Styrofoam ball as your guide hot glue the cut strips of your base to make your cupcake shape like this:

cupcake base1

Cut 2 pieces of DP 12" x 2" and score each one at 1/4" increments. Accordion fold and join to form a tube.



Attach the decorative tube to your cupcake base with hot glue, first around the base then the top.

Cut a circle to cover the base with Nestabilities  classic circles. tape in place.

Hot Glue your Styrofoam ball into the cupcake base making sure the arrow is facing up and in the centre so that your gift card will be straight. Like this:

cupcake base

You can now decorate your cupcake as desired using various ribbons and flowers. As seen here:

cupcake ribbon


I have used Vivaldi roses in dark pink and cream along with olive green and burgundy ribbon. When using the ribbon first measure a piece that will fit around your cupcake about 3 times. Run a gather thread and pull so that your ribbon just fits around your ball. Attach with hot glue.

Attach flowers with hot glue and use more gathered ribbon to fill the gaps.

cupcake flowers

For your removable gift card you will need a small clip. So this is disguised when the gift card is in place, I have added some ribbon to cover the top. Like this:

I have also added a Mini Tilda to the clip for decoration

Here is the completed Cupcake Gift Card Holder:


Another view:

front view giftcard exposed

To make this project you will need:

6" Circle of thick cardboard
DP (2)  12" X 2" strips, (2) 3" circles and a 2" circle
3" Styrofoam Ball
Mounting Tape, Hot Glue Gun
Flowers and Ribbons
Mini Clip

I hope that this tutorial has been helpful and that you will enjoy making your own Cupcake Gift Card Holder

You can find examples of this project here and here